Our Done For You Service is the Solution to All Your Bottlenecks

Nothing will wear you out more than being needed for every single thing In your business. When you work with us we'll help you eliminate all of the mundane and repetitive, time sucking shit you do. We'll extract all of your knowledge, processes, even your standards of quality and create easy-to-follow (and find) documents that are just as easy to implement! Current and future employees and contractors will have little to no downtime onboarding, starting projects, and making decisions. 


That's just how GOOD our Done For You service is. You get your customized SOPs, our team's support, training for your staff, plus a ton of other customized deliverables you need in order to scale your biz!


So what can you expect?

  • Brain Dump Session with Kristina to document your process, find all opportunities, and optimize your business
  • SOP's for all your exit strategies for clear decision making
  • Optimization and SOPs of your current CRM or we will clone our Podio setup
  • 5 Days of Fundamental Training Videos with Support
  • Assessments for Comprehension on Training
  • Customized Deliverables Workfile and Checklist
  • Access to our value-packed Resource Library
  • Access to our Investor Vault and Leadership Resources
  • A Customized Integration Plan to set your Team for Success

** PLUS, 90-Day Support from our team to help with issues, Process Updates, and Optimization

Your Investment: starting at $12,500

Let's Do This!!
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