$3,500.00 USD

Transaction Coordinator Accelerator

Are you ready to learn the easiest and most effective way to manage transactions?

Are you ready to learn the components and even how to audit contracts, leases, title reports, closing statements, and more?

Inside this accelerator heres what you will get:

  • 5 days of fundamental training that covers all the major milestones of a transaction
  • Assessments to test knowledge throughout the accelerator over the components of a contract, a lease, title report, and closing statement
  • How to communicate effectively with sellers and manage updates
  • How to coordinate walkthrough and inspections
  • How to manage tenant occupied properties
  • How to communicate and manage title company/attorneys throughout a transaction
  • Effectively manage and identify title issues
  • Flow Charts to support you at any point in the transaction
  • Customizable Checklists and Email Templates
  • How to manage and load templates to email and electronic signature tools
  • Access to our TC Vault full of resources and walkthrough content 


Who is this for?

  1. If you're doing everything yourself right now- you might be feeling burnt out and even stuck at a few deals per month because there is so many other task you need to accomplish. 
  2. You've already established a consistent deal flow and NOW you're ready to delegate all the task to a  transaction coordinator who needs to be trained. OR maybe you already hired a TC but they need guidance to understand their job. 
  3. You're currently outsourcing to an external transaction coordinating company at $500-700 per transaction and now ready to bring this back in house for more control with clear expectations!

This is your solution!

This accelerator will give you and your team the exact information necessary to help you close more deals effectively and efficiently.

This accelerator will equip you or anyone on your team with the skills and resources to understand the process and key milestones of a transaction.

Let's get started on understanding the stress free and manageable way to manage all the details once the contract is signed!